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Local Dances supported by our members

Here are some dances that our members attend in the local area:

This is for general information only - please contact the organiser for full details, any changes and ticket availability!

Scottish Dances
Saturdays 7.30 – 10.30pm
Next dance:
7 April 2018

Cribsheet to follow

Click here to open 2018 calendar of local dances

Tartan Jigsaw programme - dances held by various local dance groups:
including Wallington, Carshalton and District Dance Assoc, Epsom & District, Croydon RSCDS, Purley, Bramley Hill Rangers
St Andrew’s Church, Northey Avenue, Cheam, SM2 7HF 


All dances will be walked through - but just once.


click here for directions

Scottish Balls

RSCDS dances in the wider region
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RSCDS South East Dance Diary

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