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Next Dance Evening & Crib

Details of our Next Dance Evening

Tuition session for 30 mins starts at 7.30pm with 
our Qualified RSCDS teachers, covering technique & footwork, 
highly recommended for everyone, including beginners and improvers!

Dance List for 13 December
MC: Jim Cook


Mrs Stewart's Jig (8XJ32)

Mrs Macleod (8XR32)

Minister On The Loch (3XS32)

Best Set In The Hall (8XJ32) (Bk 46) NO WALK THROUGH 1st time

The Belle Of Bon Accord (4XS32)

The Barmkin (R88)

The Diamond Jubilee (4XJ32) ***FEATURE DANCE

Monymusk (8XS32)

Mairi's Wedding (8XR40)
The Byron Strathspey (3XS32)

Kendall's Hornpipe (8XJ32) ** POPULAR DANCE

The Deil Amang The Tailors (8XR32)


Jig To The Music (3XJ32)

Flowers Of Dunbeg (5XR32)

MCs may change the order of dances to suit the level of experience on the evening.


Colour code:

Black = for everyone 

Blue = with an experienced partner

Red = experienced dancers only 
(or Dem & Drag:: the MC may select dancers for the DEMONSTRATION. Please be prepared to watch the first time, and then have a go yourself the second time through).

New dancers - we hope you will enjoy watching the Red dances for our experienced members.

**    Popular dances - we learn and repeat these dances regularly so everyone can enjoy them.
***  Feature dances - when we add a new dance (called a Feature Dance on the programme) we take a bit more time in walking it through and it stays on the programme for a few weeks so we can learn it.

Click here to open cribsheet

Surbiton Frolic crib - Devised by David Horwill in honour of the Club's 70th Anniversary

Click here for video list & alternative crib of the dances (just select the Videos tab, then the dance you want to view)

MC Rota:

Date     MC                          Feature Dance            Popular Dance
13/12   Jim                         Diamond Jubilee            Kendall’s Hornpipe               
20/12   No dancing, hall not available
27/12   No dancing
3/1      David                New Year Dance

General Information about our Dance Evenings

We do around 12 dances each evening with a tea-break half-way through. 
Some dances are highlighted that they are to be danced with an experienced partner and some are for proficient dancers only.  We hope new dancers will enjoy watching our experienced dancers doing one or two more challenging dances per evening. 
The aim is for everyone to enjoy their dancing! 
The MC for the evening talks us through the various parts of the dance while we walk through it. 
Any new or inexperienced dancers get a chance to practice during the walk-through which helps them learn the dance.

Each Thursday there is a tuition session from 7.30pm to 8pm.
Here you can learn the basic steps and moves that will be danced that evening.  Everyone is encouraged to come to the tuition!

Dress Code
Soft-soled shoes are ideal. Kilts and long white dresses with tartan sashes are not needed! On our special evenings we like to dress up with some Caledonian flourishes.  
Masters of Ceremonies (MC)
The Society is very grateful to the following who act as MCs throughout the year:
Jim Cook, Libby Curzon, David Horwill, Judith Jones, Jenny Kendrick, Suzanne Marley, Stewart Murray, Lindsey Rousseau, Ruth Taylor and Pat Bagwell.
At their discretion, the MC may rearrange couples in sets to ensure a good balance of experience in a dance.  We hope you understand that this is for the success of the dance and enjoyment of all taking part!